Vonage Review

With over 1 million customers, Vonage is the champion of VoIP… or at least the leader of internet phone services.

There is a saying, “Safety in numbers”. This still rings true today. Following that logic, Vonage is the safest internet phone company around. Vonage is the biggest in the industry. This has it’s advantages. Vonage has nearly every area code in the US and many in Canada. Considering that many other VOIP companies do not have area code availability in certain regions, Vonage may be the only choice.


Vonage VoIP service has is nearing 2 million customers, and any calls within the Vonage network are free no matter where you are. Even in other countries! Vonage is available in many areas that other VoIP are not, which definitely makes Vonage the best choice. Vonage offers all the typical luxuries, such as quick and efficient E-911 calls, caller ID, call blocking, and more. Vonage’s price of $24.99 for their unlimited minutes plan is reasonable, much more inexpensive than most traditional landline phone services, but much more in comparison to many of Vonage’s competitors.


Speaking of the Enhanced 911 system, E-911 should be a priority in all VoIP reviews, and in our review, we find Vonage guilty of keeping you safe. After filling out your information for the local emergency center, your local emergency operator will be able to locate you and dispatch help without you having to tell them your location. Not all internet phone companies have complied with a federal mandate requiring E-911, but Vonage has done a great job of implementing it into their tremendous consumer-base for VoIP service.


Vonage’s size can also be a downside. Vonage simply can’t keep up with the volume of customers, leaving many Vonage complaints unresolved, or unhappy with their outsourced support. Upon insistence, however you can get an american speaker. A recent Vonage complaint involving a caller-id firmware problem took Vonage months to manually correct Vonage’s 1+ million member’s service.


Vonage is odd, in that it refuses to bring itself down to a competitive pricing level. However, Vonage is the largest VoIP company, with the largest in-network, and that size could be viewed as stability in an emerging industry. They are riding the wave of their massive marketing campaigns, but Vonage also lacks sufficient promotions either, as they have a $30 activation cost that eliminates any benefit from the “free month” offer.


Perhaps the greatest aspect is Vonage’s size, more than all other USA VoIP combined, which means Vonage has the largest “in-network” which is free no matter where you are on the planet. With Vonage spending every marketing dollar it can to keep it’s top position, having spent over $50 million on Vonage commercials , we can expect our Vonage review to keep seeing more of the same.


Vonage is, overall, a decent company, with a large consumer base, and fair customer service. Vonage’s biggest problem is that because it is the biggest known VoIP name, so Vonage capitalizes in on that popularity with a higher price tag. Perhaps deservedly so; they can bring comfort to their users in the fact that they are a stable company with the most customers.


Other than the price, there is little room for Vonage complaints. Vonage has stability, which can be important with any investment of your time and money. Area code availability must also be taken into account in any Vonage comparison. Vonage simply has the most area codes. The Vonage price, if you compare Vonage with traditional landline phones is still amazing. The $24.99 Vonage Price is still $300 cheaper than many of the landline companies.


So, after all this review, if you want reliable, stable, and overall great service, Vonage is definitely a name you can trust, and your best bet for internet phone services.