Hosted VoIP PBX Systems

Hosted VoIP PBX phone systems help businesses especially small and medium business enterprises. Offering benefits in terms of cost-effectiveness and improved productivity, Hosted VoIP PBX systems are the best choice in business communication system.


Hosted VoIP PBX Ensures Better Versatility

If your business has offices at different locations, hosted VoIP PBX system can be of great help. It provides data connectivity together with voice service delivered over IP. This communication system comes with a web configuration tool enabling all voice calls being transmitted over the Internet. Its web interface helps to connect any number of phone lines to all extensions of your offices. Irrespective of the location, all incoming calls can be easily directed to the designated extensions within no time.


Impress Your Callers with Standard Calling Features of Hosted VoIP PBX

The sophisticated call management features of the hosted PBX phone system can impress the callers, and give you a bigger business image. The integrated auto attendant feature allows callers to hear a professionally recorded greeting and select from a menu of options. Incoming calls can be routed to the exact extensions, groups, mailboxes, call queues or unlimited depths of additional auto attendants. Apart from this, there is a live person answering system incorporated in this phone system, in which the callers get to communicate with a live person.


Save on Your Expenses with Hosted VoIP PBX

Hosted VoIP PBX system can be easily integrated with your existing phone lines. They are simple to implement. There is no need to install expensive and complex networks, hardware, and software in your premises. The phone system is entirely managed by the PBX system service providers, which again saves you considerable expenses.


Hosted VoIP PBX Helps Manage Your Business from Distant Locations

Incoming calls can be forwarded to your other extension phone numbers including residential landline numbers and cell phone numbers using find me follow me call forwarding feature of hosted VoIP PBX systems. Calls that are unanswered are straightaway transferred to the voicemail system, so that callers can leave voice messages.


The voice messages can be forwarded to your email account as audio file attachments. The arrival of new messages is notified through text alerts on your cell phone.


Utilize Economic VoIP PBX Services

Virtual hosted VoIP PBX phone service is provided through a hosted server with the support of high speed Internet connection or dedicated telephone networks. The required equipments are maintained by the service providers at their sites. Accordingly, the users can eliminate the overheads involved in purchasing the expensive hardware. The best feature of this system is that you can enjoy PBX services at reasonable monthly charges, since the services are shared among multiple users.