Voice over internet protocol is becoming the fastest and the speedy growing form of telecommunication. It is because of reliability, quality and the most important thing is the cheap rate service which can be easily affordable for everyone as we compare this service from the other and traditional telephonic service so we come to a conclusion that voice over internet protocol is cheaper than other, sometimes most of the best service provider charge a cost which is even less than 8 dollar per month.

There are a lot of people who wants to use or need a high speed broadband connection service to work so this voice over internet protocol helps us in getting the high speed internet service. The more and more you will see the whole world is revolving around the internet it only makes sense to utilize the great features that comes with only voice over internet protocol. There are some of the best features which are given bellow.

Cost: internet is the great thing which make everything easier for everyone, even for the consumers. Today if we check that a telephonic service from a standard telecommunication is cost almost 23- 38 dollar per month but if you see that voice over internet protocol average cost range is about 8-15 dollar per month there is a huge difference, if you see both services. This can help you in saving more money.

Features: voicemail, caller ID, call forwarding, caller ID blocking these are the free feature which is generally have in VoIP service but as compare it with any standard telecommunication company you will see that they will charge extra for adding these features on. If you do want to add some more features than you can get the things like: Find Me Follow Me (rings your home number first, then your work, do not disturb and etc.

Call quality: this is usually the biggest thing which people say and switch to voice over internet protocol provider from the standard phone services. This is usually the biggest argument while they comparing phone service to voice over internet protocol but this is just a rumor because as now even many branches of government are beginning to use voice over internet protocol. This is because voice over internet protocol is the cheap thing and easy to set it up. Many old telecommunication companies has been outraged because they can compete with voice over internet services.

Customer service: this is very strange to hear may be but, it is true that voice over internet protocol services are generally give better offers for their customer service than a standard telephone service companies. The reason behind this is they know that the competition is stiff and if they didn’t care about their customer than they can easily lose your business and you will switch to another company. But as we see the old telecommunication companies they didn’t have that much competition and they know it is difficult to switch. They know that you are stuck but they didn’t worry about their customers services.